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What is Emotional Kinetics?

emotional kineticsHealing. It puzzles us all. What is it that makes some of us healthy while the rest of us struggle to maintain good health? Why do some people recover from fatal diseases while others succumb? Why does it seem like some people get all the breaks in life while we have to work hard for everything we get? If you find yourself asking these questions, you are not alone. Thousands of people visit our site each month asking those same questions. With Emotional Kinetics we explore the roots of healing and health and have devised a program to help you obtain optimal health and happiness – just like we did!

What is “Emotional Kinetics” or eK? The term Emotional Kinetics is derived from two words: emotion – mental energy, set in motion through feeling; and kinetics – dynamic processes involving motion. It is an energetic process or system used to move blockages in the physical body caused by unreleased emotion. These emotional blockages when left unchecked can cause contamination in the body leading to anxiety, stress, disease and illness.

More simply, when we experience negative feelings of disappointment, fear, anger, jealousy, hate, etc., – and we all do – these emotions are stored in our bodies as energy. The natural response is to express these feelings. Unfortunately, society quite often forces us to repress our feelings and lock them inside. When inside the body, these unexpressed emotions form harmful energy blockages.

A healthy body is a complex network of energy pathways that are in perfect balance. These pathways connect bio-electric impulses to body organs maintaining the energy balance. When there is a blockage in an energy pathway, the organ that the pathway corresponds to will also become blocked. Once blocked, the energy system falls out of balance and the corresponding organ will become contaminated leading to disease.

These days, there are many ways to move energy through the body, for example: acupuncture, acupressure, reiki, chiropractic, massage, reflexology, and cranio-sacral. Emotional Kinetics is a synthesis of energetic techniques that when combined, produce a most profound effect on the body and the overall quality of life of the participant.

More specifically, eK combines Meditation, Intuitive Healing, Universal Life Force Healing, Energy Orbs, and Frequency Healing techniques together to produce a system designed to keep the body, mind, and soul in balance. It is a lack of balance in our lives that keeps us from doing what we truly love, keeps us from making the right, healthy choices, keeps us forever running on the treadmill of life, and keeps us from becoming what we truly are – perfection! That’s why we say with Emotional Kinetics – Take Back Your Life!

Please contact us for more information about eK, and how you can get involved. You can also read the story behind eK.

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