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Want To Learn Reiki? How Do You Choose A Master?

Mikao Usui
[caption id="attachment_191" align="alignleft" width="206"] Mikao Usui - Founder of Reiki[/caption] How does one choose a Reiki Master? Peterborough has a number of qualified Reiki Masters, but how does one know which one is best? I guess the answer is not necessarily which one is best overall, but which one will be best for you - that is what matters most - no matter what city you are research...
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What Is Your Disease Called? To Know Or Not To Know.

What disease are you
Disease. Does a disease require a name before it becomes real. If I come down with an unknown ailment, does it mean that I can't treat the disease until it has a name? Just because I can’t name it, does that mean that there is no way of knowing what to take for it? Of course not… if you treat holistically that is. When you treat holistically, you repair the systems within the body that innately kn...
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Take Back Your Life: The Story Behind Emotional Kinetics

Plunge of Despair
Emotional Kinetics is a healing modality created by Wayne Adam and Kirk Johnson, based, in part, on the teachings of Reiki Master, Bernard Morin. The following is Kirk's story behind the creation of the modality. For more information on Emotional Kinetics, see this Healing Digest post. "Are you okay?" she asked. "Huh, what was that?" I shot back at the concerned co-worker I only now noticed st...
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What is Emotional Kinetics?

emotional kinetics
Healing. It puzzles us all. What is it that makes some of us healthy while the rest of us struggle to maintain good health? Why do some people recover from fatal diseases while others succumb? Why does it seem like some people get all the breaks in life while we have to work hard for everything we get? If you find yourself asking these questions, you are not alone. Thousands of people visit our si...
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Choosing A Holistic Health Practitioner Requires Some Serious Thought

Your first responsibility as a patient/client is to select a practitioner who will join your “team” to support you in obtaining and maintaining optimum health for your body, mind, emotions and spirit. While most holistic practitioners use modalities that are currently labelled “alternative medicine,” their interests and practices may vary widely. Thus, one person might work primarily with nutritio...
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What Does YOUR Healthcare Look Like?

Allopathic versus Alternative
You might wonder which is the better choice for you: allopathic (traditional) medicine, with its vast library of science and research, or holistic health, which often includes alternative remedies and focuses on a more wide-ranging approach to health care. The good news is, you don't have to choose just one. Both of these choices can work in harmony together. The term "allopathic" originated in...
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Change Your Programming with Bio-Field Therapy

Human Bio-field
What is a bio-field? The human bio-field is a subtle electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. The bio-field contains data that is used to describe the body, its makeup, and how it functions. When the body is in balance, the energy of the bio-field travels unobstructed through its normal pathways allowing the body to operate as it was intended – perfectly. However, since the bio-field is m...
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Why You Need A Holistic Body Analysis

Holistic Body Analysis
Things not feeling or working the way that they used to? Are you tired all the time, unable to sleep through the night, or feeling weak throughout the day? Have you been to the doctor only to have her/him tell you that nothing is wrong with you when you know deep inside that something is? Are you suffering from a chronic condition, been through the full battery of tests and nothing seems to work? ...
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