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Want To Learn Reiki? How Do You Choose A Master?

Mikao Usui
Mikao Usui – Founder of Reiki

How does one choose a Reiki Master? Peterborough has a number of qualified Reiki Masters, but how does one know which one is best? I guess the answer is not necessarily which one is best overall, but which one will be best for you – that is what matters most – no matter what city you are researching.

From my perspective, the question you are really asking is “What do I want Reiki for?”. There are many answers to this question. Some people want Reiki because they (A) feel a need to heal others. Some want to (B) heal themselves. Some want Reiki because they realize this is a (C) means to opening oneself up to higher spiritual experiences. Finally, some want Reiki because they feel it will be a (D) nice add-on to the a healing modality that they already have. Once you decide why you really want to know Reiki, you may begin to understand which type of Reiki Mastery you really need.

Now I know what you are thinking, “I didn’t know there were two types of Mastery?” Yes there are. There is true Mastery which, with respect to Reiki, means to teach and to attune others to the energy that is Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy). Then there is self-mastery, which is really about digging deep benneath all the layers of yourself, removing all the skeletons in the closet, and stepping forward in life with confidence and a knowing that whatever choices you make in life are for your highest good. As such, some people think they want Reiki First Degree, Second Degree, and to later become a Reiki Master because in getting the final Master symbol and attunement, that they will magically find the confidence that they lack or want to manifest in their lives. Reiki is a path, but the road must still be travelled and the work, personal or otherwise, must still be done. It is not a fait accomplis. In fact, when one receives the final Reiki symbol, that symbol is used to attune others to the energy, and is not a symbol that gives the Reiki practitioner more power, or confidence for that matter. This is a misconception. When a practitioner receives Reiki Second Degree and the accompanying symbols and attunement, they have the highest healing energy available at any level. Most people when looking for a treatment, search for a Master, but this is not necessary to receive the best treatment.

From all the students that come forward looking for Reiki training and ultimately to become a Reiki Master, once we sit and talk about what it is that draws them closer, it is quite often the case that what they are really searching for is an opening in themselves. They are looking for a way to understand who they really are and what they are doing in this world and in this life. They come to realize the responsibility inherent in being a Master; the responsibility in taking on students and that it is a lifetime endeavor and not just something you pick up for a month or two and then realize it’s not for you. Your students must be able to count on you for the rest of their lives as a mentor and later possibly as a peer.

In the end, the decision to become a Reiki Master, in Peterborough or elsewhere, is not one that is made overnight and definitely not something that can be learned in a weekend or two. What can one possibly teach another that they have not worked through themselves? In the end, we understand who we are looking for by realizing what it is we really want from Reiki. Once we have fully understood that, we can then begin to understand and see the type of Master that fits the description of what it is we want to become. It must be someone you trust and respect because you will be modeling yourself after this person. Remember you can try to fool others but you cannot fool yourself. Choose carefully and with an open heart. Always remember, “When the timing is right, the teacher will appear!”

Are you ready to choose?

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