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Change Your Programming with Bio-Field Therapy

Human Bio-fieldWhat is a bio-field?

The human bio-field is a subtle electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. The bio-field contains data that is used to describe the body, its makeup, and how it functions. When the body is in balance, the energy of the bio-field travels unobstructed through its normal pathways allowing the body to operate as it was intended – perfectly. However, since the bio-field is made of energy, it can be affected by other types of energy.

Thoughts and emotions are also forms of energy. When negative thoughts and emotions enter the system, they interfere with the bio-field and the informational transfers that are continually going on within and surrounding the body. When our bio-field energy or pathways become blocked, our physical body does not receive the information that it requires and as a result begins to break down. This breakdown within the bio-field can result in illness and disease.

What is a bio-field analysis?

A bio-field analysis is conducted with a sophisticated computerized data field analyzer (DFA) similar to a computerized Radionics device. Using an identification sample of an individual, for example a fingernail or strand of hair, the DFA device can measure changes in the bio-field energy of an individual. The body can contain items that are both positive and negative. Items that are positive should read 100 within the body and items that are negative should read 0. When the DFA detects items that are neither 0 nor 100, these items are said to be out of balance. It is these items that are out of balance that cause illness and disease within the body.

What happens next?

When an experienced analyst detects items that are out of balance within the bio-field, they must determine the next source of action. In most instances, the DFA can be set to “balance” the items that have deviated from their norm. This act of balancing causes negative and positive items within the bio-field to return to 0 and 100 respectively. The theory here is that items that are returned to the balanced state in the bio-field, those same items begin to balance the physical counterpart within the body. As the physical counterpart returns to its normal state of balance, the physical body can then return to a state of good health.

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